Stories from working at Starbucks that make me want to add a little vodka to my venti.

All the following stories are true. Seriously, I wish I could make these up. However, I can only vouch for mine, and not the submissions. I do not intend offend anyone involved; these are for entertainment purposes only.

Ratings come in tall, grande or venti, or some variation thereof.

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Pay Attention!

You know what’s really easy to do?  Pay attention to what’s going on around you. 

You see that the person in front of you didn’t get their drink or food at the register, they’ve moved to the other side of the store.  Humm.  Maybe you should go over there and wait for your drink too.  Or, did you hear what the person in front of you ordered?  Or see what the person in front of you looked like?  Maybe your drink will come out after theirs!  What a novel concept!  Or are you WITH someone who is ordering the same drink as you, even though you are not paying together?  Maybe it would be helpful for us if you ordered at the same time!  We could make both drinks together and ring you up separately!  Gosh!  Making someone else’s life easier?!  But, that takes effort! 

Come on people. 

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Starbucks/Star Wars

Starbucks/Star Wars

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Honey, Flies…You Know How It Goes.

I opened this morning. I was in one corner slicing bagels and my shift supervisor was in the other corner vaccuuming. A guy walks up to the counter and just shouts his order at us. Doesn’t even wait for us to greet him, or, for that matter, doesn’t even greet us. My back is turned, so I think my shift has got this one. I give it a minute and realize he’s not being helped, so I go over.

He orders his coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. I call the coffee order to my shift and ring him up. After he pays, he says: “Make sure that’s two cream cheeses!”

Now, cream cheese costs extra. I don’t know if he was trying to beat the system, but he didn’t seem like the type that WOULDN’T voice his opinion or FORGET to tell me what he wanted.  Plus, he was being rude. I don’t move and I take the person after him. He stares at me and says: “You’re going to get my bagel right?”

Sweetly, I grit my teeth and say: “Yes sir, one minute.”

Just so everyone knows- you catch more flies with honey. And you are more likely to be served in a timely manner. We can’t spit in your food, but we can take our time and make you late.  And the ruder you are, the slower I become.

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Christmas Time

Let me start off by saying, yes, I complain a lot. But we do have some pretty awesome regulars at my Starbucks.

This Christmas, I got many cards and small tokens, and one regular bought the whole store lunch! She also gave a few of us small gift boxes.

One day, we even had carolers come in because one customer (who was part of the group) was so impressed by our service. He gave me a shout out during the song.

I usually crank on people in the blog, but I’m happy this week.

Merry Christmas!

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We semi recently ended the “Treat Receipt” program.  During that time, we would give everyone who bought something before 2pm a receipt, because when you come back with your receipt after 2pm, you get any iced grande drink for $2. 

Some people didn’t care about the program.  Understandable.  But, why, when I hand you your receipt, would you hand it right back to me?  You aren’t capable of throwing out your own trash?

Or worse yet, they’d leave it on the counter.  Where I wouldn’t be able to see it from where I was standing.  So, they would just pile up until someone went out to the lobby to clean.

Clean up after yourself.

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i might need one of these, twist espresso thangs, at work to feed the need for speed
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i might need one of these, twist espresso thangs, at work to feed the need for speed

(source: coolhunting)

Everything That’s Unattainable You Want, And Everything That’s Attainable, You Don’t Want

I work in a touristy Starbucks, and we only have one restroom. Co-ed. The line for the restroom is sometimes longer than the line for coffee. A customer once came up to me and asked where the restroom was. I pointed to the line. He looked at it and said:

"If we want to use the rest room we have to wait in that queue?!"

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They lure you in, fatten you up, and eat you.

They lure you in, fatten you up, and eat you.

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